Investigation and Review Reports

Investigation and Review Reports

At times, the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) is better positioned to investigate a Fraud and Waste (FWHL) report.  OAG investigations and reviews culminate in a report communicating results to Management, Audit Committee, City Council and members of the public.  Learn more about the Office’s investigations and reviews below.

2023 Reports

Tabled on November 27, 2023

Tabled on September 22, 2023

Tabled on February 17, 2023

2022 Reports

Tabled on June 13, 2022

Image of cybersecurity and network protection with cybersecurity expert working on secure access
Cybersecurity Investigation

Report not available (presented in camera)

2020 Reports

Tabled on October 27, 2020 

Image of 3 baseballs in the grass
Investigation of the Lease Cancellation for 300 Coventry Road

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2019 Reports

Tabled on July 4, 2019 

Image of the City Hall sign outside of Ottawa City Hall
Investigation of Cash Theft Incident – Meridian Theatres @ Centrepointe

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Image of Ottawa City Buses
Investigation of OC Transpo Clothing Allowance

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Image of leafs and City Building
Review of Emergency Shelter Program – Use of a Specific Hotel

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Tabled on April 8, 2019 

Image of someone holding up reading glasses
Investigation into the Transfer of Funds to a Fraudulent Supplier

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2018 Reports

Tabled on June 28, 2018

Image of OC Transpo vehicle driving down the road
Review of the City’s Practices for the Procurement of Commercial Vehicles

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Image of a plant with roots growing underground
Review of the Source Separated Organics Program Business Case

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Tabled on April 30, 2018 

Image of a nature scene in Ottawa Ontario
Review of Medication Management at Long-Term Care Homes

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Image of a yellow and red tulip
Investigation into the Reporting of an Incident at a City of Ottawa Long-Term Care Home

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2017 Reports

Tabled on November 30, 2017 

Image of a building and water scene
Review of the Management of Emergency Shelter Providers – Contract Management

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Tabled on June 22, 2017 

Image of a playground
Investigation into the Giver 150 Playground at Mooney’s Bay Park

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Image of a magnifying glass with a blue background
Investigation into Three Reported Client Service Centres Deposit Shortages

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