Fraud & Waste Program

City’s Fraud and Waste Program

The Program

Ottawa’s Office of the Auditor General (OAG) administers the City’s Fraud and Waste Program, established in 2005.  The Program allows employees and the public to confidentially and anonymously report suspected instances of fraud or waste involving City personnel, resources, operations, or vendors.  The automated reporting system operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Program is governed by the City’s Fraud and Waste Policy, which sets out the responsibilities of the Auditor General, and of all City staff including managers.

The Program and Policy do not apply to the following:

  • The Mayor, City Councillors or their political office staff;
  • the Ottawa Police Service and its Board;
  • the Board of Health for the City of Ottawa Public Health Unit and Ottawa Public Health; and
  • the Ottawa Community Housing Corporation.

The OAG has no jurisdiction to investigate reports related to these areas.  When such a report is submitted, the Office asks the reporter to raise their concerns directly to these specific organizations; and, in some instances, forwards the report to the correct oversight body.

Reports relating to the Mayor, City Councillors or their political office staff, or local boards should be referred to the Integrity Commissioner for review and consideration.

Strengthening the City’s commitment to integrity

The Fraud and Waste Program empowers all City of Ottawa employees and members of the public to support our municipal government in ensuring high levels of honesty and integrity in its operations. It is just one component of the City of Ottawa’s ongoing efforts to ensure all City employees and the public have a mechanism to express ethical concerns. The Fraud and Waste Program, Policy, and Hotline help strengthen the City’s commitment to honesty and integrity.

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